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About Me

Hi Everyone
I would just like to say welcome to my website and thank you for looking!
I have recently started playing on a website called SecondLife which is a virtual world on the internet.  This world lets you explore your deepest fantasies in a safe place and helps you to reach out and communicate with people all around the world.  I have many interests in my real which I have not yet had the chance to explore.  Finding this site has helped me to further my opportunities.  There is a lot of possibilities that can overlap in real life.  My personality has changed and I have become more confident.  I am also starting so many things that I would not have done before.
I have a lot more social interaction with the various media sites available such as Facebook, Instagram, and Flickr.
I have created this website as a part of my future development opportunities within the SecondLife Community and in the real world.  I am discovering more about myself each day.  I am hugely interested in the fashion world which contains many aspects which in reality I would not be able to do.  In this virtual world, I am learning how to become a photographer, model, and blogger in the Fashion Scene.  I love a variety of styles such as Kawaii, Bohemian, Casual, Grunge, Sexy and Chic Fashion.
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